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Lens, Twitter, Farcaster, converge into a multidimensional timeline

About Firefly

Firefly is a cutting-edge social app built by Mask Network aims to revolutionize the world of decentralized social networks. By combining the best of Web2 and Web3, Firefly provides users with a unique, heterogeneous social stream that blends on-chain and off-chain content in a seamless and coherent manner.

Next.ID & Firefly

The web2 + web3 experience is enabled by Next.ID, a DID protocol that verifies that a user's web2 accounts and web3 wallets are held by the same person. This eliminates the need for users to abandon the comfort of their familiar web2 social platforms and instead provides a rich timeline on top of Twitter.


Firefly is bringing all the fun with its cutting-edge rich profile features and awesome web3 capabilities. It's the ultimate decentralized social app for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve. And don't worry, we're making sure it's a blast to use - web2 or web3, you're in for a wild ride. So, come on over to Firefly and see what the future of social networking.

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